Will Sweeney “Bad Ley Line”
28 April – 14 May 2023
Opening Time: 12:00~18:30 *17:30 on Sun&Holiday *Closed on Tue&Wed

KOMIYAMA TOKYO G is pleased to announce Will Sweeney’s solo exhibition “Bad Ley Line.”

A collection of Sweeney’s recent drawings, prints and paintings inspired by notions of ritual, invented folklore and memories of counterculture growing up in the UK in the 80’s & 90’s. Will's teenage years were spent going to raves and festivals in the English countryside, the counterculture that began in the late 1960’s and developed through the 1970’s within music, fashion and art was still present. The idea of connecting with a pre-christian, pagan era links to Sweeney’s imagination of alternative religions and deities. Music festivals and raves could be transgressive rituals, connecting people with the energy lines of the ancient world and the spirits to be found in nature.
Ley Lines represent ancient energy lines, embedded within the land, locations with usually positive karma and good vibrations.
Since first visiting Japan, Sweeney has been fascinated by the notion of Yokai and of the many monster and alien characters in Japanese pop culture, these have been a huge influence on his works, many of the characters in the show are meant to be imagined gods and monsters from fictional civilisations.
For the last few years, Sweeney has been developing a drawing style using Japanese calligraphy pens, most of the works in the show are rendered in this style. This way of working is influenced by a combination of classical Japanese print like Hokusai, the biomechanoid art of H.R Gieger and 1970’s airbrush fantasy & Science Fiction art.
Since moving to Tokyo, Sweeney’s retro/futuristic narrative has spiraled up his mystical creation.

“Ley Lines being lines along which we can travel, journeys can be transgressive, perhaps our current journey is on a Bad Ley Line.
If we push forward to the other side, we may find a good one.” —Will Sweeney

Graphic artist from London, currently based in Tokyo. Since studying Illustration at The Royal College of Art in England, he has worked in multiple fields, including fashion textiles, music packaging, comics and animation.His work often depicts microcosms and strange lifeforms floating in unknown dimensions, utilising a psychedelic colour palette and precise, fine lines.Fictional cities and civilisations freely rendered in exquisite shades immerse the viewer in a timeless story, which reveals a latent vital force in its motifs. His style has resonated with global artists, including fashion brands such as UNDERCOVER, Brain Dead, and Stella Mccartney, and musicians such as The Horrors, BECK, and Osees.

この度KOMIYAMA TOKYO Gでは、英アーティスト・Will Sweeneyの個展を開催いたします。


また、近年確立した書道の筆による技法は、北斎などの古典的な日本の版画と、H.R Gieger のバイオメカノイドアート、エアブラシを用いた70年代のSci-Fiアートを融合させており、東京に制作の拠点をうつした作家の表現手法は、現在も進化を続けています。不確かな時代に新たな創造の点と点を繋ぐ、ウィル・スウィーニーの「裏街道」(バッドレイライン)を是非会場にてお楽しみください。

"土地に刻み込まれた古代のエネルギーラインを指す「レイライン」は、ポジティブなカルマと良い波動を放つ地図上の線として信じられ、人々が繋がり、別の場所へと超越的にトランスポートできる道であると言われています。私たちがいるであろう「バッドレイライン」上から想像の世界へと踏み出せば、私たちはもう一つの世界を見つけるかもしれません。” — ウィル・スウィーニー

ロンドン出身のグラフィックアーティスト。英Royal College of Artでイラストレーションを学んだ後、ファッションブランドのテキスタイルやレコードジャケット、コミックからアニメーションまで、多岐にわたる分野で作品を制作。未知の次元に浮遊する小宇宙を、サイケデリックな色彩と緻密な線で描く。巧みな陰影で自由に描かれる架空の都市や生物は、見るものを久遠の物語へ引き込み、モチーフに秘められる生命力を感じさせる。その作風は、UndercoverやBrain Dead、Stella Mccartneyなどのファッションブランドや、The Horrors,、BECK、Oseesらのミュージシャン等、世界各地の表現者から共鳴を呼び、現在は東京にて制作活動を展開している。